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General Consent

By supplying the information given to you, I agree to me/my child taking part in the activities of the Sussex County Judo Squad. I understand that I will be kept informed of these activities – for example timing of training sessions, competitions etc. Sussex County will never email juniors under 16 directly but use parent or guardian email addresses, and the same process is used for mobile numbers.

Injury Consent

I understand that in the event of any injury or illness all reasonable steps will be taken to contact the appropriate person, and that any of the instructors can act In Loco Parentis if necessary to deal with that injury/illness appropriately to provide the best outcome.

Photography Consent

We may take either individual or group photos from time to time. These may be posted either to our website (https://www.sussexjudo.org/ ) or to our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/322755829456/ ). Photographs are not the property of the County, nor does the County hold any responsibility for their future use. I agree to allow photographs to be taken and posted to the above sites.

Data Protection Consent

We hold the information you have given us. Details are stored on a password protected private computer. Only the appointed officials of the County hold their own passwords. Details are updated where necessary with any changes, and attendances are logged after each session or event.

Any paper copy is shredded once the data is logged. You may ask Sussex County to see what data is held about you. Sussex County does not share this data with anyone else nor sell it to a third party. You have the right to withdraw your consent for Sussex County to hold this data, and the right to ask us to delete all data. In that case Sussex County will no longer contact you with information, although we will continue to hold an emergency phone number for safety reasons for as long as you attend events.